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A Message to Dealership Buyers


Let Us Know What You Want To Buy

While we have worked with many dealers around the country, we enjoy getting calls from dealers whom we do not know that are looking to acquire dealerships. Tell us what types of franchises you would like to buy, in which markets, and how much you are looking to invest. This helps to build our network and, in turn, we may be able to help you identify the best possible targets for your expansion plans.

Advice And Services To Dealership Buyers

In certain circumstances, Haig Partners can assist individuals, family offices or corporations who would like assistance in acquiring dealerships. Alan and Nate have significant experience developing and executing acquisition strategies. Where and what kind of stores should be targeted? How do you analyze current and past performance to project future performance? What should your return on investment expectations be? How will auto manufacturers respond to different types of buyers and ownership structures? How will you operate the dealerships after you acquire them? How will you eventually exit your investment? These are all critical questions for investors who are new to the auto industry, or would like assistance in growing their existing group of dealerships. Making good choices can help investors earn an attractive rate of return in the auto industry. Making poor choices can lead to difficulties in making any progress in our industry, or losses of many millions of dollars.



What Can We Do For You?