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Our Greatest Asset Is Our Reputation

We can demonstrate our experience in buying and selling dealerships, but we believe the primary reason that our clients hire us is because they trust us. They trust that our involvement will generate superior results than if they represented themselves in a transaction. They trust us to do our very best to represent their interests in a transaction. And they trust us to tell them the truth, even if it is not what they want to hear. Here are some comments from former clients that attest to our reputation as a confidential and trusted buy-sell advisor.

The team at Haig Partners did a great job in leading a process that brought us the best buyer.
Charlie Fenwick Valley Motors
When we decided the time was right to sell our store we wanted to have a confidential process, but also one that brought us a buyer that understood the value of our store. The team at Haig Partners heard what we wanted and really delivered.
Bill Buckingham Mike Davidson Ford
While it was not easy for us to sell, the team at Haig Partners led a terrific process, kept it confidential, and brought us a buyer that has been truly impressive in its professionalism and in the great care it has shown to all of our employees.
Frank Jackson Sandy Springs Toyota
I would also like to thank Haig Partners as I have learned through this process that it's not so easy to sell a dealership, even a Mercedes store. Their high level of professionalism and knowledge of the industry were invaluable in delivering me the right terms from the right buyer.
Jack Leigh Mercedes Benz of Tuscaloosa
Lithia was a great partner for us in this process and we also thank the team at Haig Partners for advising us on this large and complicated transaction. It was a pleasure working with them.
Joseph Dockery Prestige Family of Fine Cars Founder, NJ
We'd like to thank the team at Haig Partners who gave us great advice to help us attract the best possible buyer for our dealership.
Rusty Reid Don Reid Ford, FL
We thank the team at Haig Partners. They conducted a highly professional and discreet process that led to a sale to the ideal buyer our company. They were even there in the wee hours of the night before the closing making sure the numbers were correct.
Charlie Tomm Brumos Automotive, FL
We thank the team at Haig Partners. They conducted a highly professional and discreet process that led to a sale to the ideal buyer our company. They were even there in the wee hours of the night before the closing making sure the numbers were correct.
Charlie Tomm Brumos Automotive, FL
The professionalism and knowledge of Mike Toth and Alan Haig of Haig Partners made the sale of our dealership a reality. I don't see how we could have made it through to closing without their assistance. They have a tremendous grasp of the automotive dealership market and the experience to make deals happen.
Steve Everett Langdale Ford, GA
It was a difficult decision to sell our family's dealership. But when the time came, we knew that we wanted to deal only with buyers that had excellent reputations and would treat our employees and customers with respect. Alan's relationships were critical here. He knew which groups to approach and how to negotiate a deal that met all of our needs.
Pamela Templeton Ft. Myers Toyota
People matter a great deal to me. I provide a lot of opportunity to my partners in my dealerships, and I expect strong performance in return. When I decided to sell a couple of stores that were outside of our core geography, I wanted to hire someone that I felt would be a trusted partner in the process. Alan filled the bill. He is honest and very good at what he does.
John Eagle John Eagle Honda and VW of Panama City
We were pleased to complete a transaction with AutoNation. The team at Haig Partners led a truly professional sale process and brought us the best buyer for our dealership.
Brett Coleman Mercedes Benz of Reno
I am grateful to Alan Haig and Nate Klebacha at Haig Partners who helped me and my family to realize the full value of what we built here in Fort Worth.
Cliff Johnson Texas Motors Ford
I also want to thank Alan Haig and Nate Klebacha at Haig Partners. Without a doubt, they guided us to an excellent outcome.
Brian Logun Sandy Springs Ford
Alan and Nate were critical to the success of our deal, which was large and complex. We received a very attractive valuation for our company and some world-class partners that are now helping us to grow. While their golf game needs a little work, I would recommend Alan and Nate to any dealer that is looking for a team that is trustworthy and knows how to get a deal done.
John Miciotto, CEO ATC Freightliner of Dallas/Ft Worth and Oklahoma
I was interested in selling my Toyota store to get capital to expand and create a nest egg for my family. But I was only willing to sell the dealership if I got the price I wanted. Alan and Nate were patient, thorough and their network of dealers impressed me. They knew how to market the strengths of my dealership, found a great buyer and led the process all the way to closing.
Rene Isip, Owner Toyota of LewisvilleDallas, TX
We hired Alan and his team to help us sell our Lexus store that needed a new facility. They developed materials for buyers that showed them clearly what the opportunity was, and led a process that helped us to get the price we wanted for the store while we continued to run our other dealerships.
Tori and Jon Shuken, Owners Vista Lexus of Woodland Hills, CA
I have known Alan since 2005 when he was at AutoNation. While I have come across business brokers in the past, Alan stands apart. His analytical skills and knowledge of the car business are impressive. But more importantly, he gave us honest advice about when to sell and what we could expect all along the way. He earned my trust.
Frank Hickingbotham, Majority Owner Desert European Motors of Rancho Mirage, CA
Over the many years of ownership, we were solicited by numerous parties seeking to buy our dealership, as well as industry advisors offering to guide us through the process.

When we finally decided the time was right, we spoke to several professionals and after meeting Alan Haig we knew he was the right person to assist us. Alan's professionalism, keen insight into our industry, and strong network of capable buyers made the decision an easy one.

Alan and Nate spent a lot of time analyzing our operation and ultimately produced strong offering materials that demonstrated the long-term potential for the store and ran a well-organized and efficient process that resulted in a very desirable outcome for my family.
Edward Feldman, President Sovereign Motor Cars-Mercedes Benz in Brooklyn, NY

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