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Why Choose Haig


Haig Partners Offers An Attractive Alternative

...to traditional dealership brokers. We structure the terms of our engagements with our clients to add value and eliminate conflicts of interest.

+Exclusive Advisor

We are the exclusive buy-sell advisor for our clients. This allows us to take a long-term view and work towards the best possible offer rather than push clients to accept the first offer.


We tell our clients the truth. We give dealers a realistic range of value for their businesses based on actual market data so there are no surprises.

+Client's Best Interest

Haig Partners is compensated solely by our clients, never both sides. This means we are acting solely in the best interest of our clients.

Through These Practices, We Create Partnerships

...with our clients: they are committed to a process with us based on clear information of market conditions, and we invest a substantial amount of time in each client engagement and negotiate hard for the best possible offers for our clients.

Here is a summary of the activities that Haig Partners conducts on each sell-side transaction.

+Due Diligence

Focus buyers on the core strengths of the dealership(s) while identifying areas of opportunity prospective buyers can leverage for earnings improvement

Make appropriate adjustments to dealer financial statements to show the true ongoing profitability of each dealership

Rely upon a strong foundation of ongoing in-house research on industry trends and how they impact dealership values


Create highly detailed offering materials that provide the compelling investment thesis about why a buyer should be interested in our client's business. By doing all of this work for buyers, we believe they are more likely to pursue our clients than other acquisition opportunities.

Identify the most likely buyers for the business, approach them under strong confidentiality agreements and provide offering materials to those with a serious level of interest

Respond to questions and information requests


Solicit and negotiate multiple letters of intent in order to maximize value for our clients

Play a key role alongside client counsel in negotiating definitive agreements based on our experience from 180+ transactions


Host an online data room where all materials are housed

Assist and advise our client on any matters that arise all the way to closing

Traditional Dealership Brokers Have A Much Different Business Model

Since they may not be working on an exclusive basis, and their transactions are often less than $10 million in value, traditional dealership brokers cannot afford to invest a significant amount of time creating offering materials, running a process or negotiating definitive agreements. These firms create value by creating what is basically a forum for buyers and sellers to find each other, similar to a real estate brokerage firm. They are an important part of the ecosystem of the dealership industry, but, in our opinion, are more appropriate for lower value dealerships.


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